Free range Aylesbury & Indian Runner duck eggs (6)


Free range duck eggs, very large white Aylesbury eggs and large blue Runner duck eggs


Eggs from our gaggle of 9 quackers; 3 exhibition Aylesbury ducks and 6 Indian Runner ducks.

The Aylesbury duck is the original Jemima puddleduck. They’re a large waddly breed that like nothing more than nuzzling around in mud and grassy tufts. Their popularity was for meat and feathers until the Pekin replaced them. They lay big white eggs, sometimes almost as big as Goose eggs.

Indian Runner duck eggs are nice blue eggs, about the size of a big chicken egg.

A box will consist of 4 blue Runner’s eggs and 2 Aylesbury’s, but if you require different let me know.

Free delivery within 2 miles of Llangollen.